New Healthy Dessert Ebook!

Guess WHAT?!?! It’s been a few months coming and it is finally DONE.


I have published my first healthy dessert ebook! Over the past four years, I have been trying and practicing various baked good recipes. Some I figured out on my own with just one or two tries. Others it was… a process to say the least! Many did not make the cut. But, that just leaves room for continued improvement later on.

Strong Sweet Caroline 50 Healthy Dessert Recipes Ebook

I want you to check out these first 50 recipes I have shared. There is quite a variety from

…chocolate chia cookies

…brownie cookie dough cake

…whole wheat pie crust


…protein puppy chow

…lemon bars

and so much more! Some are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten free, nut free, dairy free, lower sugar and higher protein!

Valued at $29.99, the ebook will launch for a special discounted price of $14!

Click this button to order today. Let’s bake healthy together!


“Beet” dreary weather with a vibrant protein smoothie

Beet Protein Smoothie by Strong Sweet Caroline

Happy Halloween! Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, I hope y’all have taken some time to enjoy the crisp weather and seasonal joy that’s upon us. Fall is here and it has actually started out rather brutal. I do not know about you, but I do not like the cold. When the weather goes from the 70s to the 40s, that drastic change is too much for me!

Nonetheless, I’m now enjoying a sip of warm tea while I look out into the wooded section near my apartment. We had rain this weekend so it is nice to have some clear air to breathe.

Caroline and David Lee Haney
David and I at the Lee Haney show this past weekend

This past weekend was a doozy with errands, meal prepping, and support David and his fitness clients who competed in the Lee Haney Games. Both of us are overcoming a cold (and he also had a sinus infection). With a lot of moving parts and higher stress, it wore me down. It became a bit dreary getting sick.

What do you do when you’re sick? I try to find ways to first, get better as quickly as possible! I do not use over the counter medication when I can help it. Food and natural products like herbs are the best source in my opinion. Second, I seek ways to occupy my mind.

Vibrant Flowers

David brought home a bouquet for me to liven the apartment! I love the colors so much that I wanted to also eat something that bright, vibrant and healthy. This lead to my latest kitchen creation, a dairy-free protein beet smoothie!

Protein beet smoothie and flowers

Crazy, I know. Where will you get 25g of protein without using Greek yogurt or milk in the recipe?

Strong Sweet Caroline Beet Protein Smoothie

Egg whites. Mine are from Egg Whites International and come in a convenient half gallon jug with a pump. Simplicity is key when baking or eating, right? And a touch of vanilla whey/egg white protein powder from True Nutrition.

Beet Protein Smoothie with True Nutrition

The rest were an assortment of fruits, kale, ground golden flaxseeds, cinnamon and honey.

Beets. Why did I choose them? I felt I’d been seeing recipes and postings about them splattered all over the place. I have never tried making them myself and the more I read, the more healthy benefits they seemed to offer. So why not?

The best beet benefits I like are:

  • Low calorie – per cup is about 60 calories, 17g are carbs, 4g fiber, 9g sugar
  • High in folate, magnesium and potassium
  • Anti-inflammatory and help with muscle recovery

More benefits and details can be found at Dr. Axe’s site. Try out my recipe for yourself or modify to your liking! It will make your day more vibrant.

Strong Sweet Caroline Beet Protein Smoothie

Serving: 1, about 12 ounces

Beet Protein Smoothie

Macros (my version below): 283 calories | 25g protein | 38g carbs | 3g fats | 5g fiber | 22g sugar (all unprocessed, natural sugars)



  • Combine ingredients in blender or food processor, starting with whole ingredients and adding liquid at the end.
  • Blend until smooth and enjoy!

Strong Sweet Caroline Beet Protein Smoothie

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-Strong Sweet Caroline

Oh my, Omega! Grind with gratitude.

Phew, this week has been a doozy! From working the two part time jobs to doing more research on my requirements as a food business start up in Atlanta, there has been a lot of information to take in. Some days, I forget to take time for what makes me tick or an even more productive business woman. A few days ago, I decided to listen to a short podcast. This was a “restart button” for me.

When I was a sales rep, I was on the road 4-6 hours per day. Besides having phone conversations or listening to my stations on Pandora, I would often find podcasts to enjoy. As leadership guru Zig Ziglar once quoted, “automobile university” is best to attend when commuting or traveling.

The podcast chosen was by one of my favorite female entrepreneurs, Lori Harder. In “Earn Your Happy” podcast episode 172, the focus was on taking action towards what you want to be doing. We often hesitate to start a new hobby, a new class, a new business, a new adventure until we feel “ready” or feel “qualified”. From my first-hand experience, that is bull shit.

I’ve been known to wait too long to make decisions. I would hesitate, need to “do more research or investigate” and, in a sense, procrastinate. It was from my own insecurities. In this fast-paced world, I cherish time. I have realized that the longer I take to make a decision, the more time I waste on create solutions and solving problems. I cannot afford to do that anymore. Can you?

Strong Sweet Caroline | Omegas and grind with gratitude

After the 10-minute podcast ended, I knew what I needed. I need to keep grinding with gratitude. Even when I’m exhausted, I know that the 24-hour day is for me. It’s for me to conquer.

Yesterday, I did some grocery shopping and meal prepping for one of my clients (until the full launch in a few weeks). I almost just walked out of Costco with only broccoli and chicken breasts. I pondered for a few minutes (after remembering the piece above about time) and grabbed some salmon. I have been neglecting my own and the health of my client by not including more foods with omegas.

In the dictionary, “omega” is the last letter in the Greek alphabet and is also defined as “the last in a series”. Do not put it last in your personal health!

Here are a few reasons why.

  1. The three “omegas” are needed for life-long health.
    • Essential fatty acids are the omegas. Omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 should all be in your system. They can help regulate cholesterol levels, reduce cancer risks, help in athletic recovery, support joint health, balance mood, brain functionality and more!
  2. Omegas can be supplemented but is best from whole foods.
  3. If heart disease runs in your family, this could help.
    • Dr. Weil and many others have explained it is beneficial (not directly proven) that consuming more omega-3s will help prevent cardiovascular health issues.

These are a few reasons I grabbed some salmon to meal prep and make this chili lime salmon with basmati rice and steamed broccoli. Balanced meal with protein and omega-3s, carbohydrates and one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables out there!

Strong Sweet Caroline | Omegas and Grind with Gratitude - salmon meal

You do not have to eat salmon to get omega-3s in your diet. Additionally, I take fish oil capsules every morning and use flaxseed meal with my oat bran. Dr. Axe and Dr. Weil share more comprehensive lists of foods to consider for increasing your omegas. Thankfully, my fish will help me #grindwithgratitude. How about you?

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Strong Sweet Caroline

Building big dreams & cooking low calorie zucchini fritters

Do you ever have those times you need to stop, take a deep breath and reset? I do. Recently, I’ve been busting my butt to organize my thoughts, business plan, work two part-time jobs and just like many of you, trying to find a way to “balance” it all with a healthy relationship, friendships and family.

I have some information to share. I’m no longer striving for balance. I am building big dreams. I heard an interview with Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi and a quote he shared I am taking hold for my own life.

work-life integration


As I build my dream, each day blends into one another. Therefore, I must be intentional with my time, gratitude and daily reflections. If not, I will succumb to my old self who was constantly chasing a balance instead of integrating the things I love into one life.

Well, folks, it’s happening. And I’m so blessed to share my story! My good friend Amanda Jae Spoo recently featured me in her blog. Visit it here and watch the YouTube video I compile to change up her format and push her outside her comfort zone a bit. 🙂

Additionally, this week has been killer with many things accomplished, new recipes attempted and most were successful! This one I shared on Instagram story and had many requests for the recipe. So here we go. Allow me to introduce: Zucchini Asparagus Fritters!

Strong Sweet Caroline zucchini asparagus fritter recipe

Per usual, I found a few different recipes via Pinterest, and modified to my liking. I knew I had to use a touch of oil for them to get slightly crispy on the edges. Well, when you are using eggs and egg whites as your base, it will be more difficult to keep that crisp. Fresh off the pan, they are fabulous! Full of flavor, not too overpowered by garlic or onion and just enough spice to keep it interesting. Can keep for a few days stored in the refrigerator. I recommend reheated after storing in the refrigerator or they might seem a bit soggy.

Strong Sweet Caroline Zucchini fritters

I chose to pair two fritters with a bed of romaine lettuce, homemade beef meatballs, one whole egg and sunflower seeds. This was my last meal of the day, which I typically have the mostly proteins and fats. It keeps me fuller longer so I do not get hungry in the middle of the night. No need for carbohydrates because let’s face it, it would be useless for sleeping.

Strong Sweet Caroline fritters with meal

I’ve been experimenting more with seeds and different nuts. I grew up eating sunflower seeds and got away from it until recently. Can be unsalted, salted, flavored and used in a variety of ways. They have SO MANY health benefits! The biggest one for me right now is increasing my Vitamin E daily intake. I’m working to strengthen my hair and skin and reel in some of those not so fun PMS symptoms.

Strong Sweet Caroline Zucchini Asparagus Fritters

Servings: 6 total fritters, 2 per serving

Macros per serving: 100 calories | 6g protein | 5g carbs | 6.5g fats


  • 1 cup finely chopped or grated zucchini squash
  • 6 cooked asparagus spears, cut
  • 1 Tbsp whole wheat flour (or flour of choice)
  • 3 Tbsp egg whites (equal to one whole egg white)
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 1-2 Tbsp Hot sauce
  • 1/2 tsp each or other desired spices: paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, sea salt


  • In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine zucchini, asparagus, egg, egg whites, hot sauce and spices.
  • In a frying pan, heat 1 Tbsp coconut oil.
  • Add the flour to the mixture. You may desire more flour for a firmer fritter. I did not just for trying it out with less ingredients.
  • Use a ladle or spoon to pour mixture into circles onto hot oil.
  • Cook for about 3 minutes on first side or until you can start to see the egg cooked through.
  • Flip and cook other side for approximately 3-5 minutes and remove.
  • Enjoy on their own or with a meal!

Happy birthday, 1/4 century young and full of life ahead!

You heard right. I recently celebrated my 25th birthday! What’d I do? Simple things: work, play, goals and family. As I think about the past 24 years of my life, it’s not about getting old. I’m not turning 25 years old. It’s 25 years of life, of age, of vibrancy. I’m 25 years YOUNG! Ask anyone over the age of 21, being referred to as “young” is a compliment! It’s not just a compliment but something I plan to embrace.

Interpretation in language adds positive or negative emphasis to everything. For most of my life, there has been a mix of both. However, my most beneficial life experiences have come from positive influencers, role models, supporters and friends. When we focus to positive energy, even the tough times can be overcome with less stress, grief and fortitude. That’s why I choose to not use the word “old”. It’s perceived in a negative way. You can flip it to wisdom with age but let’s face it, people still perceive your body wearing down and not being “in tune” with the up and up as aging. That’s why I think eating a healthy balanced diet and exercising are key to preventative, long term health. And celebrating with birthday carrot cake with my boyfriend and later burger and fries with family are good balance.

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Daily supplements as a female weightlifter

I go to the gym five to six times per week. I cook 90% of my meals at home. These are just two elements to being a female weightlifter. What else do I do to optimize my strength and physique? I supplement.

I traveled to Atlanta for Fourth of July week to spend time with David and some of his friends and family. The trip was balanced with new adventures and reoccurring routines.

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One of the routines was meal prep and eating together. I’m blessed I have a man who enjoys cooking as much as I do! We eat clean, nutritious foods. But we didn’t just eat. We also supplement our diet to get necessary vitamins and optimize training and recovery.

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