Learn weekly goal tracking, YouTube and protein avocado cookies

What do weekly goals, YouTube and protein avocado cookies have in common? Find out now!

How to set new year goals with your significant other

Have you thought about your new years goals? What about goals as a couple with your significant other? This year, that was a focus for me and David and I show you the process we took to map out our new year together.

How to choose and live your theme

The new year is a chance to plan, develop and achieve. I find it helpful to identify my word of the year to reach my fullest potential. This is my strategy to choose and live a theme for the year. Learn more at strongsweetcaroline.com and see how you can develop and be your best in the new year!

Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships #1: 4 steps to introduce your family to your new health goal and make homemade sweet potato fries

In this first article for my series, Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships, I discuss the challenge of introducing your new goal to family and loved ones. I also share a delicious and simply sweet potato fries recipe!

Introduction to healthy foods creating healthy relationships

The biggest obstacle faced by people pursuing goals is how do you maintain healthy relationships with loved ones along the way? I dive into this topic specifically for health and wellness goals in a new blog series. Join me in this conversation and see how it can strengthen you and your loved ones.

The 5 toughness rules in seeds and fitness

Toughness experienced in seed and fitness is one that once you attain it, you can keep it going to become a tough cookie. This past week, I concluded there are five fundamental rules for toughness. What are they? Read on.

Set your theme in 2017

It's a new year with new goals or resolutions if you call them that. Have you considered setting your new year's theme? Read more on what I selected for 2017.