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As many know, the only types of supplements I prefer to use are ones that nourish my body, bring value to my goals and are affordable. I am pleased to share that I am partnered with Granite Supplements as a Granite Ambassador!

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No matter where I am, I gotta stay hydrated💦. If I’m at the park or the gym getting a workout in, I also need to stay focused and have energy to sustain strength. That’s why I drink🍸 EAAs. You may have heard about BCAAs but they are a little different. You see, the EAA or Essential Amino Acid supplement, are the ones that best trigger muscle protein synthesis aka building muscles 💪. BCAAs alone can help with reducing muscle breakdown and poat-exercise soreness. Together, you get the best of both worlds! I also need some intraworkout carbs and adaptogenic herb benefit so I can stay focused 👀 and fueled through these tough workouts. Stay hydrated, my friends. And if you have questions, let me know! I’ve been using @granitesupplements for MONTHS and it’s been tried and true for my development. This week, get AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF of Recovery Factor, the EAA I use. Add my code ‘CarolineW10’ for that added 10 🙌 woohoo! @graniteambassadors #supplements #granitesupplements #eaas #aminoacids #bcaas #fitspo #girlswholift #runningmotivation #bodybuilding #abs #npcfigure #fitatl #walkinthepark #transformationtuesday #postworkoutselfie #fitmodeling

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My favorite products right now are

  • Recovery (intraworkout pictured below–I use every single workout!)
  • Hystim (preworkout with only a few stimulants)
  • Premium (preworkout for enhanced focus, stimulants and muscle preparation)
  • Joint Care (Omega-3 fish oils with Curcumin and Black Pepper Extract for optimum absorption of these beneficial ingredients for your strained joints)

Granite Supplements Strong Sweet Caroline Special Offer

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