The best leaders are tailored communicators

You're walking into a networking event. People have cocktails, evening attire, big smiles and excited eyes. It's a time for mingling, gathering and learning. You know that in this situation, your best foot forward is usually to initiate conversation, listen intentionally and walk away with a new business card in your wallet or a contact … Continue reading The best leaders are tailored communicators

How do you protect your time?

Time is what I consider our most precious commodity. It's often immeasurable. How do you protect it? Here are three steps that work for me - Strong Sweet Caroline

Strong Sweet Caroline cherry cheesecake bowl

When life gets heavy, make some Protein Cherry Cheesecake bowls

Life can get heavy, but this postworkout Protein Cherry Cheesecake Bowl won't be! Try it now with my recipe featuring Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin.

6 Young Adult Realizations You Need to Know by Strong Sweet Caroline

6 young adult realizations you need to know

It's been hard to fall asleep lately. Many thoughts run through my head as I wind down. This year, I had some large takeaways. These six realizations are important, no matter your age. But as a young adult, I think they are vital to understand and incorporate into your life.

Strong Sweet Caroline - FOMO or FOBP? Your choice.

FOMO or FOBP? Your call.

Last weekend, David and I took a day trip to go white water rafting with friends. It was a new experience and fun! Did we let other worldly distractions get in the way in the form of FOMO? With a FOBP? Make your call.

How to transform what you are feeling to what you are choosing to feel

It's inside your head. How did it get there? Stress, change, life, all impacting you at once. Now what? Here's how you can transform what you are feeling to what you are choosing to feel from Strong Sweet Caroline.

You cannot plan for timing | 3 lessons in handling conflict now

Even with gut-wrenching pains, conflicts can be managed. How? Allow me to share three lessons I've learned in handling conflict in the now.