Four things to do when you move to a new city

I have moved four times since graduating from The Ohio State University in May 2014. Each time, I have gone to a new city. Three of the four I never actually visited before moving there! A while back, I blogged about my largest move to Nebraska. Now that I have moved again (this time in Atlanta, Georgia), I’ve done some thinking on the trials and tribulations relocating can create. I think it can often be easier to do than we think.
Below are four things I recommend doing when you move to a new city. BONUS: I discuss one of my favorite healthier alternative ingredients to use when creating baked goods.
  1. Get acclimated with the area
When moving to a new place, especially a large city, it can be very intimidating. The first thing I like to do is pull up Google maps and see what the surround area, towns and roads look like. Then, hit the road. It serves you well to drive around, take in the local businesses and get a feel for your surrounds and directions. I even allow myself to get lost. Usually, that’s how I find new coffee shops, backroads and fun places to explore. When I lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana for my first job territory, I found a neat coffee shop called Firefly Coffeehouse. The more comfortable you can become, the more quickly the “new” factor will wear off and you can normalize your area.

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Happy birthday, 1/4 century young and full of life ahead!

You heard right. I recently celebrated my 25th birthday! What’d I do? Simple things: work, play, goals and family. As I think about the past 24 years of my life, it’s not about getting old. I’m not turning 25 years old. It’s 25 years of life, of age, of vibrancy. I’m 25 years YOUNG! Ask anyone over the age of 21, being referred to as “young” is a compliment! It’s not just a compliment but something I plan to embrace.

Interpretation in language adds positive or negative emphasis to everything. For most of my life, there has been a mix of both. However, my most beneficial life experiences have come from positive influencers, role models, supporters and friends. When we focus to positive energy, even the tough times can be overcome with less stress, grief and fortitude. That’s why I choose to not use the word “old”. It’s perceived in a negative way. You can flip it to wisdom with age but let’s face it, people still perceive your body wearing down and not being “in tune” with the up and up as aging. That’s why I think eating a healthy balanced diet and exercising are key to preventative, long term health. And celebrating with birthday carrot cake with my boyfriend and later burger and fries with family are good balance.

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Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships #10: create flexibility for fun

This is the tenth article of the series, Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships. See the ninth article now.


If you’ve read through the past nine articles, it might seem like eating healthy and living a more simple lifestyle can be stressful, complicated or boring. This is not the case, nor should it ever be! What is life if we are not enjoying it?

This last installment of my series is focused on the most important part of learning new foods, creating healthy habits and experiences with loved ones.

Make it FUN.

I am turning 25-years-old in about two weeks. For about three quarters of my life, I have lived pretty seriously. I never drank until going to college. I never really disobeyed rules (besides speed limits here and there). I never placed an emphasis on having fun.

That has been one of my biggest learning curves up to now. We must make time and create flexibility for fun.

Whether or not you are in a relationship, creating this balance is a necessary priority. If not, the following negative results can happen:

  • Increased stress
  • Decreased motivation
  • Loneliness
  • Narrowed mindset
  • Depression
  • Binge eating or undereating
  • Inconsistent sleep habits
  • All work and no play

Do you believe the point of life is to enjoy it? I’m finally making that a priority. I just went with my boyfriend to a boat party to celebrate someone’s birthday. The gentleman happens to be in his mid-50s. And he loves life! He works hard but balances time for fun and health also.

You can do this too. David and I knew we would be attending this party and planned most of our meals that day and both enjoyed a few drinks. We have since gotten back on track with healthy, nutrient-dense, macro-friendly foods. It can be done. And I want you to feel confident that you and your loved ones can do it too!

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Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships #8: Go on that “dirty food” date

This is the eighth article of the series, Healthy Foods Creating Healthy Relationships. See the seventh article now.

You know that FAVORITE restaurant with the amazing, greasy, sugary, tasty foods that really aren’t good for you but it has a significance for you and your loved one? It sounds delicious, especially since you have been changing your home eating routines and cleaning up your diet. In your head, you are like “nah, we can’t go eat there if we want to stick to our new habits.”

You know what? I recommend you GO on that dirty food date. Here’s five reasons why that will create healthy relationships with your foods and loved ones.

5 Reasons to go on “dirty food” dates


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Introduction to healthy foods creating healthy relationships

For over two years, I have pursued new health through food selection and fitness training. That has looked like a lot of focus, habit development and sacrifice. But, like anything worth having, these commitments are what turn dreams into goals, goals into objectives, and objectives into tactics and actions. I acknowledge I put a lot of work towards my accomplishments; there is another factor to acknowledge. This was and continues to be one of the most challenging obstacles and/or fears to pursuing dreams: how do you maintain healthy relationships with loved ones?
For the next series of blog posts, I am going to focus on how healthy foods can create healthy relationships. This includes some challenges you might have, how to overcome them and ways you can connect over health with family. It was not until recently that I reflected on my food story and the way that affects me [and others around me] daily.

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