9 Things People Don’t Tell You About the Fitness Industry

The deeper I get into health and fitness, the more passionate I become about specific areas and things individuals or companies are doing. Right or wrong, I compiled 9 facts below that I believe everyone should know that are not explicitly stated by everyone in the industry. I’d love to hear other ones you have in mind and which resonates most with you!

9 Things People Don't Tell You About the Fitness Industry by Strong Sweet Caroline

1- That being a personal trainer, online or in person, requires relationship-building skills for long term success.

2- That these ‘instafamous’ IG models are posing and holding shots for minutes on end, trying to get the right angles and flatter themselves best.

3- That the majority of supplement companies are using very similar or the same recipes & ingredient sources and are just marketing differently to get your dollar.

4- That in order to ‘drop weight quick’, you cannot just hire someone. You have to put your head and heart in it too, and follow through.

5- That many of these pros promoting an abundant, jacked and tanned, luxury lifestyle with sports cars and scenic backgrounds usually have one or two photoshoots to get the pics and may really be living a life of the complete opposite, and similar to you, are just trying to make ends meet.

6- That there is no magic tea, pill, waist trainer, workout program or nutrition guide to replace consistent, hard work.

7- That ‘free advice’ from a coach you aren’t paying is usually surface level information until you become a paying, dedicated client to have access to their knowledge.

8- That many workout videos online of ‘secret movements’ to grow or tone a body part are just eye candy… These people used normal compound movements first to develop their physiques.

9- That it’s no one else’s responsibility but your own to do the research, verify information and have dignity for yourself about who you follow & hire and what you purchase for your goals.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these! Comment below 🙂

Make carbs work for you

Carbs are bad for you right? What if it is not about good or bad, but rather, how are they being used in your body? Let’s ponder on this idea and make carbs work for you.

Carbohydrates (1)

Many weight-loss plans are focused on low carb. There is a reason for this. Energy is the burning of calories in the body. If we consume more calories than we exert, weight gain happens. When we decrease calories eaten to fewer than we burn, we can maintain or lose weight. The idea here is that one of the easiest ways to reduce calories eaten is to lower your carbs. So what does low carb really mean?

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Leadership, Contribution and the 8-Week Challenge

Spring is a lot of doing. First quarter sales targets, holidays, weddings, sporting events, farming, graduations, seminars and a whole lot more. Most of these things are obligations or requirements. We are expected to be the leaders. We often expect a return on those investments, anticipate a “thank you” or “pat on the back” for our efforts. What about the things you do from the goodness of your heart, because you care? Are there additional things you do because it also makes you happy?
What if we approached our “to-do list” differently? Could we have more of a giver and contributor mindset? That’s servant leadership. Servant leadership removes the need for power, recognition or reward and is action based on care, commitment and love. This week, I was reminded the importance of servant leadership.

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