So easy, everyone can do it! Protein Oats

If it was easy, everyone would do it! I'm telling you, this protein oat recipe is one to try. Visit my blog and watch a short instructional video on my recipe.

Recipe: Oatmeal Creme [Protein] Pie

I haven't had a oatmeal creme pie in ages. But, when you realized how bad processed sugar and carbs can be for your body, you improvise. This is not your average oatmeal creme pie... it's protein packed! See recipe now.

Recipe: Caroline’s Shamrock Muscle Shake

Happy St. Patty's Day! Who wants to celebrate with a Shamrock Muscle Shake? Try it yourself. It's lower in calories and sugar than your regular Shamrock Shake, no luck necessary.

Recipe: Caroline’s Healthy Beef Meatballs

Do you ever randomly crave a food you have not eaten in a long time? I do! This week, it was for spaghetti and meatballs. I have neither made it nor eaten spaghetti since my trip to Europe in 2015 because, let's face it, pasta in the U.S. does not do justice to authentic, Italian … Continue reading Recipe: Caroline’s Healthy Beef Meatballs

Recipe: Protein-packed White Chocolate Cranberry Bars

Need a healthy, high protein treat to start the new year? You'll love these white chocolate cranberry bars. Bet you can't guess the main ingredient!

Pick your battles and bake protein pumpkin chip donuts

It's remarkable how close we are to Christmas! Last weekend, I helped my mom decorate and put up the Weihl family tree and I finally made a wreath for my apartment to add some holiday charm. Decorations are just one of the ways you can get into the holiday spirit. Maybe you like Christmas tunes? … Continue reading Pick your battles and bake protein pumpkin chip donuts

Muscle Mint Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats

Since I am on my "off season" from competition, I have been playing with new recipes and counting my macros. Breakfast has always been my favorite. I workout in the mornings and enjoy coming home and making something fresh or having something flavorful waiting for me when I arrive. Pinterest has been overflowing with the … Continue reading Muscle Mint Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats