Quality cooking time and spaghetti squash DIY video

How do you define quality time spent with loved ones? Is it that you run errands and go shopping together? Do you watch the same television show? Host parties and get-together’s? Since David and I have been dating, we have shared a bond over quality cooking time.

As bodybuilders, yes, we eat a lot. Yes, we spend more time in the kitchen than the average couple. However, we also make time for quality cooking time.

What I mean by that is, we commit to usually once per week where we will cook one nice meal together. None of the recipe will have already been “meal prepped” for the week. It will start from scratch, beginning to end.

What works for us is assigning specific parts of the meal each of us will prepare. Since I cook 99% of David’s meals while he is gone for work, he usually takes charge of the protein. He has also become quite fond of our new cast-iron skillet, which somehow, I STILL have not had the pleasure to try!

But, nonetheless, David works the oven and I will gather up vegetables, side dishes and, my specialty–desserts.

The meal we prepared a few weeks ago was homemade Greek flatbread pizzas.

Strong Sweet Caroline | Homemade Greek Flatbreads and Vlog

We used Naan flatbreads, fat free Balsamic dressing, fat free feta cheese, shrimp, chicken (which was precooked), spinach, onions, garlic, peppers and dry spices. In about 45 minutes, the meal was made.

Strong Sweet Caroline | Homemade Greek Flatbreads and VlogStrong Sweet Caroline | Homemade Greek Flatbreads and Vlog

Dessert consisted of our favorite, Enlightened Ice Cream. If y’all have not tried it, it is a competitor to Halo Top. And in my opinion, way better. More creamy and satisfying flavors.

This week, while David’s been gone for work and I’ve been working my jobs and checking off priorities for launching my company, it dawned on me. We are the lucky ones.

Why is that? Because after dating for 10 months, both 25 years young, we understand and prioritize “quality time” with loved ones. I’d say that is pretty uncommon, wouldn’t you?

David and I are putting together a series of weekend videos. The latest shows some of our shenanigans with me cooking spaghetti squash, his breakfast routine and some farmer’s market fun.

How will you make the most of quality time? Do share in the comments, subscribe and follow our adventures!


– Strong Sweet Caroline


New YouTube series

What’s life if it isn’t fun? Since moving to Georgia, there have been many moving pieces (literally and figuratively). Thankfully, David makes it fun. Both he and I want to start sharing our daily experiences. We thought there was no better way than to start a new YouTube series!

Strong Sweet Caroline | New YouTube series
All the meal prep gains is discussed in a new YouTube series with David.

This first episode includes:

  • Grocery shopping at Buford Highway Farmers Market
  • Pre-workout meal
  • Brutal leg day workout
  • Taste testing at a new local restaurant (can you say dessert find?!)
Strong Sweet Caroline donut inspiration
New gourmet donut shop in Atlanta called Scream’n Nuts! Better check it out. These flavors discussed in YouTube video below.

Obviously part of our shopping includes ingredients for my new meal prep company. I’m blessed that things are moving along smoothly. I have registered for a trademark and LLC. I have one client and onboarding another new customer!

Strong Sweet Caroline - Sweet Potato Donuts and intro to YouTube series
When inspired by donut shop, bake your own homemade sweet potato donuts!

I am also working two part time jobs, freelance writing and living the American dream, because I love what I do and know I am contributing to the world in a positive way. Stay tuned for more updates.

Strong Sweet Caroline - new YouTube series and meal prep
Shopping haul to cooked meals. Lots to learn still but enjoying the process!

Let us know what you think and if there are any specific topics you’d like us to cover!

New video blog series: Caroline’s Fit Tips – Episode 1

For the past three years, I have worked in a traditional corporate sales role. I have moved geographically a few times, but the job responsibilities remain the same.

It requires a lot of travel. It takes nontraditional hours many times. It usually consists of lunch meetings and evening gatherings. It makes it very easy for people to succumb to social norms of unhealthy eating and drinking.

I want to share my experience of these challenges and how I am able to stay fit through the process. To start, I am making a video blog series on YouTube titled, “Caroline’s Fit Tips”. The first episode: prepackaged flight foods.

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