How to grow your arms or any lagging body part

What can help you grow your arms? Trust me, I used to have little BB gun arms. And it's been a LONG process to see them grow! Pretty much like any body part, some people and genders are more naturally blessed. I can grow my calves and legs pretty quickly. But when you have a … Continue reading How to grow your arms or any lagging body part

Become the strong woman you admire

Today, I feel empowered. I am becoming more like the strong women I admire. How about you? My most recent blog shares a personal experience about internal [and external] strength.

Fun back and chest workout

Last week, I created my own workouts to add some "fun" into my prep. I am a little over one month away from the NPC Jr. USA show in Charleston, South Carolina. Guess who is excited?!?! My favorite body area to train has been back. I think it is one of the most difficult body … Continue reading Fun back and chest workout